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summit from colorado christian university and then the ceremony from this year's polk in ves ti gaytive journalism awards. >> on book tv and american history tv. and next month look for the history and literary culture of our next stop. wednesday morning on c-span men's health magazine editor peter moore writes that data is being uno knowingly collected n millions of americans.knowingly millions of americans. colorado christian university recently hosted it's summit. they talked about the economy, the national debt and the president's health care law. this is yujust over two and a hf hours. >> they never paid any attention when i gaveled in the state senate either. sit it is a familiar feeling. good morning may i have your attention please those of you who have been with us 2010-2011 know that just because the program is out doesn't mean that we stop trying to add special guests so this becomes the best conference you will attend all year. we had a special guest for you this evening. and as president obama visited colorado yesterday, we urged him to extend his stay and come to the west
bring up paul eldrige and colorado state university graduate and currently with organization you need to know more about called please stand for the invocation and remain standing as caleb leads us in the pledge to our colors. >> good morning, let's pray together. dear lord we gather under a literal and figurative cloud. the literal cloud is to the fires that burn to the south and to the north. we ask for your protection for the firefighters to put out these blazes, give them strength and safety. we ask for your comfort and peace for those families who have lost their homes and dreams. may they feel your presence in the midst of your loss. and the figurative cloud that hangs over the court decision that hangs over us today. we are shocked and surprised at the never end scope and reach of the federal government and we know, lord that your plan is for men to live free. but where is the hope? i meet so many who tell me that they feel demoralized by the decay around us. where is the hope? the hope is not in who governs us or what laws are passed or what great things
brought a spoon. because when i think of history in colorado, it has been fairly unique compared to a lot of other places. so often you think the things happen where you move the spoon a little bit and little bit and finally it falls off the table but it takes a very long time to change things. but i've always noticed in colorado, in our history, sometimes these movements start somewhere else but we grab them by the horns and say, okay, let's go for it. we push the spoon off the table sometimes faster. colorado always fascinated me that way. i want to talk about the women's movement and in 19 -- 18 i'm sorry, i'm sorry in 1840, in london, there was the world anti-slavery meeting. and many quakers went from the united states. now, the quakershood had had a huge fight in philadelphia, very much involved in textile making and some said you can't use cotton because it is grown by slaves. and the others said, look, we're in business, we got to use what we can get. where the are we going to get cotton except from the south? those got mad and moved north. they started to make a very fine wool an
. this is a terrible, terrible tragedy out of aurora, colorado. jace larson, we appreciate you checking in with us. we'll be back to you shortly. if you have any new details, please let us know. thank you very much. it's 5:34 in the morning here in new york city, 3:34 aurora, colorado, time. so far, aurora, colorado, police chief dan oates tells us 14 dead and at least 50 transported to local hospitals, some of them in "extremely critical condition." ten died on the scene, we're told, four more were taken to hospitals, died. that's 14 dead, 50 transported, some of them in extremely critical condition. local hospitals were alerted to prepare for what they call a mass-casualty incident. this, again, was after a midnight showing of "the dark knight rises" at the century 16 movie theater in the aurora town center. aurora about ten miles, as you can see on the map there, east-northeast of denver. witnesses report hearing small explosions and then screaming in the back of the theater. many claim they thought it was part of the movie until they heard those screams. again, the hospitals were immediately notif
apparently killed 12 people... ...and hurt nearly the movie theater shootout in aurora colorado colorado...sandra endo ... takes us ... thru... what happened... early this morning morning there is at least one person that's been shot but there are hundreds of people just running around.chaos and panic following a shooting at a midnight showing of "the dark knight rises."authorities say a man propped open an exit door to theater nine at this aurora, colorado, cinema and threw in a smoke canister before allegedly unleashing a spray of gunfire on unsuspecting moviegoers.all you can hear is just gunfire left and right. every time someone would try to get out of the way he would just shoot them. he didn't have a specific agenda, he was just shooting people eft and right. medical responders say they had the infrastructure in place to deal with so many casualties at once because of another infamous colorado shooting.we learned some lessons from columbine so we were probably better prepared for that type of event than we were at that enforcement sources identify the suspect a
. we have learned he is originally from san diego. the mother is inside. his dad has left for colorado. a san diego police lieutenant anyone else to the family to the crime. >> our hearts go out to the friends and family of those involved. they are cooperating with the law enforcement and they did for your patience. >> this cellphone video shows one bloody victim amid the chaos. survivors were telling what they witnessed after he threw a gas canister inside the theater. they say he had at least four weapons. >> i saw with my friends and people i didn't know get shot. >> i was calling out. they say don't go over there. he is trying to everybody that trying to get out of main doors. >> i saw people that were shot and bleeding all over. i saw them bringing out a little kids. >> holmes acted alone. a threat persists. he said there were explosives at the apartment and that has turned out to be true. >> the pictures are pretty disturbing. it looks sophisticated how it's booby-trapped. >> they evacuated five nearby buildings and police teams could be out there for days working to disarm the e
. it is 5:30 in the morning, 3:30 local time in aurora, colorado, where a gunman, we're told, walked into a movie theater during a showing of "the dark knight rises" some time after midnight and began shooting. we want to get details right away from our affiliate kusa in denver and go live there to jace larson. fill us in. >> reporter: what we know now is what we've been reporting. 14 people are dead. we're told ten of them were killed in the movie theater and four additional people were injured but taken to local hospitals and have since passed away. 50 people have been injured and are still alive. we're told that some are in serious condition, some are also in fair condition. the scene is definitely still unfolding here, so we don't have all of the information, but the numbers that we are -- just by the minute, this is really what we're learning, so we're trying to stay on top of this, but you can tell this is a very serious situation with 14 people daend some 50 injured. >> tell us what kind of crowd may have been assembled at the movie theater, at the century 16. obviously, this
>> words of comfort after a tragedy in colorado. >> maryland's lieutenant governor is speaking out against gun control laws after the colorado massacre. >> the u.s. transportation secretary will talk about a major refunding announcement for local public transit lines. >> expect it to be warmer when you step outside. the forecast as we continue. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning. i'm mindy basara. >> and i'm stan stovall. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> heading back into the 90's today? >> we were in the 60's on saturday. we will be back up to 90 today. 72 degrees right now. the humidity is a bigger story. 97%, and it feels tropical. some scattered thunderstorms could pop up later today. we will check the seven-day forecast going all the way into the weekend. here is sarah. ." >> good morning. we have closures in the city on light street between baltimore and lombard. we check air speed sensor on 95, at 62
of colorado, said to be a san diego native to start off with. james eagan holmes. he arrived apparently according to police after much planning. he was suited out from head to toe in tactical gear, carrying multiple weapons. imagine this. inside this state-of-the-art theater, this premiere movie, so many of the people in that theater had no other way of knowing that this wasn't somehow part of the presentation until it was clear the gas canister he fired off was real to suppress the crowd and the rounds coming from his weapons were real. our team is here assembled to cover this story. let's begin with what happened with nbc's miguel almaguer. >> 315 and 314 for a shooting at century theaters. >> reporter: the emergency calls flooded in as hundreds rushed out. >> i have people running out of the theater that have been shot. >> reporter: the victims soaked in blood, some carried out by family and friends. police say the gunman, 24-year-old neuro science graduate student james holmes wore body armor and was armed with an assault rifle, a 12 gauge shotgun and two glock hand guns. minutes in
ediciÓn especial para la costa oeste, un joven fuertemente armado se metiÓ a un cine en aurora colorado mientras se veÍa la funciÓn de batman. minutos luego habÍa doce muertos y decenas de heridas, hay preguntas, por quÉ james holmes disparÓ, donde consiguiÓ las armas, tenemos una amplia cobertura, luis viajÓ a aurora, tiene la Última conferencia de prensa, luis adelante. > >>> adelante luis. >>> jorge, buenas tardes, la policÍa en aurora colorado, dio detalles de la investigaciÓn, es lo Último que sabemos hasta el momento, sigue habiendo doce muertos, y 70 heridos, 30 hospitalipaza dos, y once en estado critico, se recuperaron los cuerpos del teatro, el sospechoso comprÓ 4 armas legalmente en Últimos dos meses en armerias del Área de denver. por internet mÁs de 6 mil balas. james holmes de 24 aÑos, el lunes se presentaal automÓvil rÁ ante la corte. >>> las escenas luego de la medianoche en aurora colorado, va mÁs alla de pelÍculas mÁs violentas de hollywood pudieron imaginar, la sala estaba repleta, estrenaban la Última pelÍcula de batman, un hombre de negro, con
legally in the last few months and has a degree in neuroscience. >> and abc 7 news is in colorado to cover the tragedy in aurora. we'll hear from her live on abc 7 news at 5:00 and she'll tweet updates. >> and we know the name of one of the victims of the massacre. aspiring sportscaster went professionally by jessica redfield, an intern in a denver radio station. we'll have the heart breaking way the world found out about her death today. >> we're learning more about the gunman. he grew up in san diego and graduated with honors in uc riverside. >> he was in the process of withdrawing from the university of colorado. >> now more on that california connection. >> the 24-year-old james holmes grew up in a well to do subsush in san diego, northeastern part of the city. our sister station was there this morning at the suspect's house, the suspect's father was escorted away by police. san diego police walked robert holmes out of his house this morning. officers say they wanted to protect the suspect's father from reporters questions. robert holmes driven to the airport in san diego and he boarde
a crew enroute. we'll bring you details as we get them. >>> turning to the tragedy in colorado. nearly 48 hours after an unimaginable act of violence rocked the city of aurora, we're learning more about the suspected killer and the innocent moviegoers he's accused of killing. we've been gathering photos of the 12 victims that died. they are parents, husbands, wives and children. 27-year-old alex sullivan was celebrating his birthday with friends at the movies and the youngest victim, 6-year-old veronica sullivan was excited about starting swimming classes. dozens of people survived the massacre. some of them bay area residents including two teenage girls who were watching the premiere with their friends when one of them was hit. kimberly terry is here with more on their terrifying experience. >> reporter: they say this trip to see the movie on opening night had been planned for weeks. they were seated next to the wall that separates their theater from the one where the shooter opened fire. it was about 20 minutes into the movie when the group of teens knew something wasn't right. >> we he
detalles de esta tragedia ocurrida en aurora. una ciudad ubicada a 15 millas de denver colorado. ahÍ se encuentra cristina londoÑo con la Última informaciÓn. adelante. >>> que tal josÉ, buena tardes, el estreno de batman acabÓ convirtiÉndose en la pelÍcula de terror mÁs sangrienta jamas vista y menos vivida en un cine estadounidense. el century 16 aquÍ a mis espaldas hoy es ademÁs de una escena de crimen una especie de morgue. porque todavÍa hay en Él cuerpos de vÍctimas, que no han sido identificadas. >>> el pÁnico y la confusiÓn protagonistas de la pelÍcula de acciÓn convertida en terror. un hombre vestido de negro, con una mÁscara ante gas, chaleco antibalas y guantes. se parÓ frente a la sala y lanzo una granada de gases lacrimÓgenos. >>> cuando entrÓ, creÍ que era parte del show arrojÓ una lata verde de gas que explotÓ. y tomo una pistola y disparÓ al techo, en ese momento supimos que todo era real. nos asustamos y comenzamos a gritar. >>> tomÓ su pistola y me apunto justo en mi cara estaba aterrorizado. >>> fue disparada. y vi su sangre. y corrimos tan r
. >> the news edge begins tonight with one of the world's worst mass shootings. the movie massacre in colorado. i'm will thomas. thanks for joining us. >> and i'm maurine. 12 people are dead and more than 50 people injured. after 24-year-old james holmes opened fire during a midnight showing of the dark knight rises. here's what we know right now. residents who were evacuated can now go home. investigators have cleared the apartment of all the explosives and trip wires. president obama will go to colorado tomorrow to visit the victims and their families. investigators have now identified all 12 of the dead. three of whom were in the military. two in the navy and one in the air force. those who survived are starting to tell their stories. >> started being, you know, a flash of the gun. at the time, i thought it was fireworks. i was hit here and i realized it was something much more serious. people started screaming, a lot of chaos. i ducked down with my friends. >> barton was hit in the neck. he managed to make it out of the theater and found a police officer who got him to the hospital. >>>
massacre in colorado. good to have you with us. i'm will top. >> i'm maureen umeh. three -- will thomas. >> i'm maureen umeh. three days after the shooting we're learning more about the gunman and president obama addresses the nation, not as commander and chief but as our counselor. police say james holmes stated buying weapons at denver area stores nearly two months before friday's shooting and received at least 50 packages in four months at his home and school. officials say he's not cooperating and it could be months before they learn the motive behind the shooting rampage that left 12 people dead and dozens injured. meanwhile president obama met with victims' families at university of colorado hospital tonight. >> will the issue of gun control make its way to congress and the presidential campaigns? the mass shooting in colorado and the appropriate national response were front and center on the sunday talk shows. fox 5's melanie alnwick has a roundup. >> reporter: for many the mass murder in aurora, colorado, brought back the pain and anguish felt during 9/11. >> i think it's a ter
are canceled today. 3 3 3 3 3 3 again... we're following breaking news at this hour out of aurora, colorado... where a massive shooting has taken place at a you can imagine ... the scene is chaotic... at one time we heard at least 15 dead... now we're hearing 12.--we learned the suspect's name just a short time ago --investigators say he is 24 year old james holmes--he's a colorado reeident((ááááad libááááá)) 3 just a couple hours ago -- a doctor talked to the media about the injured at her facility. ((oc: extremely worried about)) 3 about))worried about)) about)) ((áááad libááá))doctors say the age range of the victims is 3 months to 45 years old. ---witness thinks someone may have let the shooter into the buildinglisten to what he told reporters just a short time ago. ago.((oc: gunshots that took place)) place)) -a witness describes the 3scene scene ((... what was going 3on)) on)) as you can imagine as you can imagine people are in shock this morning... and are still trying to make sense of it all. :31 you know, it's -- it's crazy. it's disgusting. you know what
. >> colorado christian university hosted a summit on the economy, the national deficit, and the supreme court ruling on the affordable care act. we will hear from the governors of arizona and wyoming, a fox news analyst, and james robison. this is just over two and a half hours. >> it is a familiar feeling. men have your attention please, be in your seats, be in order. western conservative summit 2012 is in session for saturday the 30 of june. those of you who have been with us in 2010, 2011, note that just because the sum at program is printed and the press releases is out does not mean we stop trying to add a special guests and features. until this becomes the best conference you attend all year. this year is no exception. we have a special guest for you this morning. we tried, in fact 2 -- in fact, to have an even more special one. as president obama visited colorado yesterday, we urged him to extend his day to come to the western conservative summit and give an accounting of himself before a jury of his peers .hared by wayne lapierre we received words of his great regret. president obama
substituting tonight and reporting from aurora, colorado kate snow. >> good evening from the scene of one of the worst mass shootings in our nation's recent history, this community is still struggling to understand what happened here early friday. at this hour, the number of dead remains at 12, 58 others wounded. either by gun fire, or in the chaos as the shooting started. right now 26 people still in the hospital. nine of them in critical condition. right now we are learning more about the victims at least one child among them. we are hearing stories all this as authorities expand their investigation about the suspect. today they are finally able to enter his heavy booby-trapped apartment. that is where we begin tonight. >> reporter: good evening. police used a controlled detonation. police were able to enter the apartment. they say it was successful but it was the first step not the last step in learning what secrets might be hidden in the apartment. part of the james holmes mystery is becoming clear. how a clean-cut kid everyone called jimmy changed into a man with pink died hair was s
to understand how and why it happened. jay gray, nbc news, aurora, colorado. >> james holmes is in custody, but he is not cooperating with police. in fact he has said very little and has hired a legal team. holmes is from riverside, but he's living in colorado. he was in the process of dropping out of a graduate program in neuroscience at the university of colorado. nbc news confirmed holmes obtained all four guns legally and just in the last few months. holmes does have family in san diego and also family in carmel. nbc bay area's kimberly terry continues our coverage from carmel where she did track down his uncle and kimberly, i understand you did speak to him? >> reporter: nbc news spoke to him, nbc bay area spoke to him. he wasn't really comfortable speaking to us on camera, but he did tell us a few things including that he found out about the shooting through a telephone call very early this morning and he says he was very surprised. the uncle of 24-year-old james holmes a suspect in the deadly movie theater shooting in colorado describes his nephew as an unassuming guy the family cal
there in aurora, colorado. jeremy, confirm for us, too, the car, the vehicle that was parked behind the movie theater that is holmes' vehicle. he also said there were explosives in that but police have not confirmed they found anything like that in the vehicle, right? >> from what we heard in the early hours of this incident, we heard that he told police that there were possibly explosives in his car, but when they apprehended him and they have seized his vehicle from what we understand, there were no explosives in his car. but i'll tell you, around this apartment complex, i have never seen so much yellow police christmas tape criss cro-crossi neighborhood like this. this is quite amazing. they are taking this very slowly, methodically, delicately. police are crawling all over this neighborhood. they're going to take their time with this. at the same time, you got to think about this. there's all these possible explosives inside this apartment unit. they don't want to destroy any evidence in that unit, either. >> jeremy, a lot of questions concerning this neighborhood. how far does the evacua
it sounds like a scene of horror outside of denver, colorado. one gunman is in custody. we understand police are looking for one more shooter. there is an active search for him tonight. we are going to turn our live coverage of the mass shooting in colorado to "fox & friends" with more detail. >> good morning, everyone, this a fox news alert. this has been a massive shooting at a movie theater in colorado which is just outside of denver. a mass gunman reportedly killing at least 10 to 12 people there, including children, and police are saying that at least 20 other people have been injured. all of this during the midnight premiere of the new batman movie. >> the gunman setting off some kind of smoke bomb. this was before opening fire. word is the gunman, one of them, is now in police custody. but an accomplice may still be on the loose. we go to justin with denver affiliate. justin, set the scene. tell us what is going on. >> we have been given information the chief of police will address the media in 15 minutes to confirm some details of what happened. it was after midnigh
in aurora, colorado, outside of denver. >> what do we understand will happen next? you have law enforcement background and have worked these cases in the past. >>guest: the investigation comes first. they will look at surveillance video from the mall and see the leads that can provide and the most important person is the first person in custody. that person presumably knows the second person involved. we are told the person was in custody quickly. we do expect they are hopefully getting some details to help them find this person and understand what happened. >> this was a crowded showing of the movie premiering last night. with a lot of kids out of school. they would be excited to go to that movie. >>heather: exactly how were they able to capture the first suspect, justin, so quickly? >>guest: well as you say, this was a crowded theater the i tried to get tickets. all of metro denver was sold out. the theaters were crowded. since aurora is a large area, they are on duty or off duty police here and we are tomorrow the police took the first shooter into custody quickly, almost immediately aft
in the theater that i had bought tickets to. >> horror and tragedy in aurora, colorado, this morning after a mass shooting at a batman movie premiere. so far, 12 dead. and 38 injured. as a community searching for answers. a special edition of "cnn newsroom" starts right now. >>> hello, everyone. i'm in for carol costello. we welcome viewers from around the world watching on cnn international. a night at the movies turned into a night of terror for moviegoers in colorado after a gunman opens up a rampage. and here is the latest of what we know. gunshots erupted just outside of denver in an aurora, colorado, theater during an early morning screening of "the dark knight rises." that is the new batman movie. 12 people are dead, 28 more wounded. a 3-month-old baby is among the wounded. police have a suspect in custody, a young man. a witness saw that man burst into the theater. >> somebody kicked in the emergency exit and started throwing gas grenade sais and started shooting people at random. >> was it movie theater number nine? >> number nine, which is the one i was in. >> what did you do? >> at fir
, colorado during the midnight showing of the new batman movie. >> he got shot? >> there's blood right there. >> we got another person outside shot in the leg, a female. i've got people running out of the theater that are shot. >> we saw gas and sparks and sounded like really strong fireworks, and you could hear people yelling. >> he was completely dressed in black head to toe. from what we saw, he seemed like he had something over his face. >> we were here immediately, and thank fortunatefully we apprehe suspect. >> it was so scary. >> as we were leaving, he witnessed a baby, an infant, get shot. i heard the call come in at the nurse's station. from what i could see, there were people unconscious, people bleeding. >> is there one image that's going to stick with you? >> it was a packed house in that movie theater, 50 victims, 12 of which have died, 38 others being treated. we want to go now to reporter jere jeremy hola. the shooting suspect has been confirmed as 24-year-old james holmes, but we now understand police and investigators on the scene of his apartment has figured out it's booby
jon: bomb experts in colorado trying to figure out how to get into the suspect's home. according to police, a very sophisticated bomb device. jenna: we will keep you updated on this throughout the day. tran-sixes going to start right now with jon scott and jenna generally. have a great and safe day jon: right now investigators are working to clear the shooters booby-trapped apartment. several victims are still fighting for their lives. i am rick folbaum in per jon scott. jenna: i am generally. here is what we know at this moment. twelve people are dead, 60 others injured. some critically at this time. the youngest victim only a few months old. a baby that was in the theater. the suspect in custody identified as 24-year-old james holmes who lived in aurora. as we just told us, his home is booby-trapped at this time. they are right now trying to work to disarm some flammable or explosive material that is inside that apartment. there is a live look for you right now as they continue to work to do this. police say the gunman wore a bulletproof vest. also a gas mask as he detonated ga
. for the latest on the shooting here in colorado, stay tuned to fox newschannel throughout the weekend. good night from colorado. with a live edition of the o'reilly captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. another sad day in america and that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. bad things happen to good people all the time. nobody knows why. it is just the way life is. once again, we have mass murder in america and the killer is a young man who was simply out of his mind. nobody's fault. no policy deficit. it is just an atrocity that is impossible to explain. this is the fifth time in 13 years an american has committed mass murder. columbine, colorado, april 20, 1999. 13 dead. 26 wounded. after two students shot them down. the two then committed suicide. april 1 16, 2007. a deranged man on the virginia tech campus kills 33 people including himself. no motive for the homicides. november 5, 2009. army major nadal hassan kills 13 americans at fort hood, texas. currently charged with premeditated murder. his trial w
it here. plus the colorado movie shooting, evil people unfortunately do tragically evil things. we are still a great country. we're going to talk with former colorado governobill owens. "the kudlow report" is moments away. >>> apple, invest. not trade. i like to say there is always a bull market somewhere. i like to try it for you on "mad money." i'm jim cramer. i'll see you monday. hey, larry, what do you have for us? >>> soft corporate earnings and revenue plus the spanish flu infects our markets here. good evening, everyone. i'm larry kudlow. this is "the kudlow report." we are going to get to our top story on the colorado shooting in a moment. first, poor earnings and revenues here and debt problems in spain drag down the dow 121 points. it was, however, up for the week. cnbc's brian shactman, what can you tell us? >> for the first time earnings took a back seat to europe. the euro weakened. walmart, ge, chevron the only dow gainers. bank of america flirting with a six handle. despite the slide in the dow all three managed to hang onto slim gains for the week. back to you. >> a
and think about it being your child, and in that movie theater. >> the governor of colorado talks about feelings after the massacre in a crowded movie theater in colorado. >> good afternoon, i am tori campbell. >> a gunman opened fire during the blockbuster in aurora, colorado. >> 59 wounded and 12 people killed. he was arrested in the parking lot without incident and is in police custody. we have team coverage and how police are responding to this. we begin with allie rasmus on the suspected gunman. >> we are learning more about the gunman. 24-year-old james holmes was a science student at the university of colorado's medical school. he was in the process of dropping out when this happened. they describe him as a loaner. they believe he planned and carried out the mass shooting on his own. >> there is a shooting in the auditorium. >> at least one person is shot. they are saying there are hundreds of people running around. >> reporter: people were 30 minutes into watching the batman premiere when the gunman burst in. and detonated smoke canisters and then he started shooting. >> he came
are learning more about the suspects, including that he is a student at the university of colorado medical school but withdrew last month. an aspiring sports journalist named jessica is the first person to be identified in this horrific incident. mayhem in a colorado movie theater. 24-year-old james holmes opened fire at a midnight screening of batman killing 12 people. images of the scene were captured on cell phones. according to witnesses james holmes dressed in all black wearing a gas mask and a bulletproof vest. he released some sort of gas then opened fire. >> i tried to help my friends get out. >> 12 people were killed, dozens of others ranging in age from three months to 45 years old were taken to area hospitals many in critical condition. >> anywhere from mild to severe injuries, shrapnel injuries to gunshot wounds. >> officials say they found his apartment booby trapped after he told police about explosives inside. they also found an assault rifle, shot a scene of the shooting. president obama spoke out about the tragedy. >> i am so moved by your support, but there are going to
shooter. we know that he lived and worked in aurora, colorado. he was armed with a semiautomatic rifle, a shotgun and two handguns. as we had sent him he had loads of ammunition back at his apartment. now, we also have learned that he did not have a concealed weapons permit. he had no hunting or fishing licenses. he had no connection to the military and is not on any of the terror watch lists. his parents live in san diego. light cameras were on his parents house all morning long. his father walked out, his mother walked out and confirmed that that was her son saying yes, you have the right person. i need to call police, the need to fly out to colorado. as we learn more about the suspect, we will bring it to you. the victims -- we have now learned that the six-year-old girl who was shot and wounded, her father has confirmed to a fox affiliate that she passed away. we believe that she is still among the 12 who were shot and killed. therefore, it does not raise the death toll. another victim has also been identified as jessica. she is known as jessica redfield. she's a sports in for in t
. >> quienes viven en colorado están tratando de ver por qué paso esto, en la conferencia de prensa de la policía no dio respuestas. >> (habla en inglés). >>eel papa jefe dijo que las cuatro armas las compró. >;> dijo que nunca había visto tanto arsenal, james holmes fue arrestado minutos después de la masacre, hirió a más de 70, 11 en estado critico y 12 muertos. >> ella estaba con sus dos hijas. >> ella solo atino a correr, la niña se cayó pero ella la arresto hasta la puerta. >> entre ellos estaba este joven que se salvo. >> yo estaba en el piso, tratando de proteger a mi hermana y amigos, pero no los podía encontrar, todos querían salir. >> mientras se busca un motivo que busque dar motivo a quien no lo tienen. >> son muchas las preguntas y las autoridades dicen que los cuerpos fueron retirados del lugar. >> esta noche el médico forense se reunión con familiares para tratar de averiguar que pasó con sus seres queridos. >> este lunes james holmes se presenta en la corte. >> gracias. >> las historias de las víctimas, niños, mujeres y hombres y hasta de un bebé de tre
of the theater. >> let's give you a better idea now of where this happened. the aurora mall in aurora, colorado. as we told you, the century 16 movie theater. theater number nine specifically. this is just a few miles outside of denver. the suspect was found in the parking lot behind the theater in his car. and here is a chopper shot of the suspect's apartment complex in north aurora. not far from the theater, just a couple of miles, we understand. that building has been evacuated this morning while police search for possible explosives because apparently the suspect told officers that there might be explosives in that unit. but none so far have been found. aurora police tell cnn that one man is in custody, and that there is no evidence of a second shooter. here is what we can tell you about that suspected shooter right now. the gunman is a 24-year-old white male. he was wearing a bulletproof vest, a mask, covering most of his face, except for his eyes, according to eyewitnesss, and carrying four guns in all. one of which federal officials describe as an assault rifle. the same officials also s
reaction from the family. and adam on scene in aurora, colorado. my understanding, adam, this suspect was just standing there and police walked up and that was that? >>reporter: yes. james was captured easily. he was sitting in the theater. if you look at the screen the suspect walked in from the emergency door on the right according to a witness. and he walked up the aisle. walked out. that coincides with what police say. they captured him outside standing basically by the car outside the emergency exit. if you walked to the front door to the actual area where the seats are and out the back that is where you would find him. he was stand there with the weapons on him. he was dressed with every kind of ballistic coverage you could have in that situation covering every part of his body. he went in uneventful. we had a chance to hear from the police chief. he says they are confident he acted alone. >> we not looking for any other suspects. we are confident he acted alone. however, we will do a thorough investigation to be absolutely sure that is the case. but at this time we are confiden
>>> from abc news, this is a special edition of "world news" with david muir. tragedy in colorado, the movie theater massacre. >>> and good evening, tonight, from aurora, colorado. as we come on the air, the delicate task continues. federal teams are now here as the bomb squad carefully works through the suspect's apartment after the devastating mass shooting right here in the theater behind me here. the suspect trapping so many people in the theater. it was clear he wanted to trap the police that then showed up at his apartment. all day, investigators have been at the suspect's apartment. earlier today, we heard this. [ explosion ] it was a controlled explosion. investigators beginning to disarm the booby traps inside. the jars of unknown liquids, the 30 devices inside. the investigators can get to that. the latest toll, 12 people have died, 58 wounded. eight remain in contract call condition. the suspect, james holmes is in isolation at the county jail. the suspect received guns and bullets for months. quote, elements of calculation and deliberation. our team is on the story ton
pnto our newsroom.a mass shooting inside a colorado movie theater... at least 20 people are hurt... some of them may be dead.why so many people were inside the theater after midnight.. and what witnesses say about what happened right before shots rang out. 3 3 today is friday, july 20 3 3 p 3 we are following breaking news just into our newsroom... at least 20 people are injured... many of them may be dead... after a gunman goes on a rampage inside a colorado movie theater.'s what we know right now... it happened during a midnight screening of the "dark knight rises" in aurora, colorado.. right outside denver. denver. some reports say someone walked into the movie after it started and started shooting. witnesses say people stayed inside the theater after the shots were fired because it happened during a shooting scene in the movie and they thought it was special effects. that may be what lead to so many casualties.we are hearing the shooter may have set off a smoke bomb or pepper spray before the shooting. we are working to confirm how many people are dead..
at a movie peter just outside denver colorado in aurora, colorado. abc news has confirmed the police say that there are 10 fatalities and at least 20 injured, a gunman acting along a, opening fire in two movie theaters, numbers eight and nine at the"the dark knight rises" premiere. >> there were huge crowds for the movie all across the country. no one anticipated anything like this happening. they found explosive device. this has been confirmed by authorities. the suspect is in custody. sounds like he was a lone wolf but he did work alone. they are not clear as to whether it was planted in the theater whether this was premeditated, or whether this was actually thrown into the crowd sometime after the movie began. a dark crowded room obviously. >> clayton, are you still on the phone? >> yes, this will be a massive response and investigation, no doubt. there is an fbi task force made up of fbi agents and local officers who work on violent crime in this area. i'm sure they will be responding as well. if this will be a very large investigation involving a lot of different agencies including
sunday in aurora, colorado meeting with survivors of friday's movie theater shooting. the suspect is expected to appear in court as questions remain on what would drive someone to commit such a senseless act. good morning, it's monday, july 23. i am steve chenevey. >> i am jennifer donelan. let's check the forecast with meteorologist adam caskey. >> it's monday morning 4:31. we had a shift in temperatures on saturday. record cold by temperatures on saturday. it's gotten to be and the mid 90's today with humidity. let's look at the numbers right now. 72 at dulles airport 70 in cumberland and martinsburg. 76 at reagan national, 80 degrees at quantico, 75 in lexington park. spotty afternoon thunderstorms after lunchtime. hot and sticky, mid 90's. tomorrow, mid 90's, tens of storms again. a little cooler and less humid on wednesday. wednesday will be the best day all week. now to lisa. >> branch avenue southbound is closed because of an automobile accident. that's going out of clinton into waldorf. no. found 5, everything is getting by. police have a detour. interstate travel looks go
to colorado. the police chief says, a gunman wearing a gas mask and bulletproof vest set off unknown gas in the theater and opened fire into the crowded room. the death toll down from 14 to 12, youngest victim three months old. that three-month-old was shot. 38 time that number keeps changing were wounded. some of who survived are being treated for gunshot wounds some for tear gascon tam nation. one man describes what he -- what he saw and felt. >>> i thought it was a firecracker or a firework or something i thought someone was just like it is the batman premiere i'm going to bring firecrackers in and get people riled up. it want until the alarm sounded saying there's an emergency in the building, that's when i figured out it was serious. >> reporter: it is possible that there are explosives at holmes' home that's what he told police. authorities went there immediately, evacuated the apartment complex and now searching and investigating that site. president obama has said committed to bringing whoever was responsible to justice and ensuring the safety of our people and caring for hose wh
, colorado, april 20, 1999. 13 dead. 26 wounded. after two students shot them down. the two then committed suicide. april 1 16, 2007. a deranged man on the virginia tech campus kills 33 people including himself. no motive for the homicides. november 5, 2009. army major nadal hassan kills 13 americans at fort hood, texas. currently charged with premeditated murder. his trial will begin next year. and january 8, 2011 gerald love lofner. now, we have 24-year-old james holmes from san diego who allegedly killed 12 people, wounding 59 others in a colorado movie theater. the crime took place in aurora a suburb of denver. a place where i lived for two years. aurora is a middle class neighborhood, just regular folks. colorado authorities are holding holmes and there is no question he did it. once again, we have a crazy guy causing a massive amount of pain and destruction. there is little else to say. fox news correspondent jon scott has the timeline. >> reporter: a little after midnight local time the wildly anticipated premier of batman the bark knight rises begins. >> i look to my right and ther
at the medical center, the colorado medical center, the university of colorado medical center in aurora not far away. those buildings have been evacuated as well, as a precaution. bomb-sniffing dogs to ensure where he worked. he didn't leave anything. >> bret: adam housley live outside the theater in aurora. thank you. the carnage in colorado forced the president and governor romney to tear up their campaign plans today. and start over. white house correspondent wendell goler has that part of the story. >> reporter: president obama returned to washington after canceling a campaign appearance in winter park, florida, and telling a subdued crowd in fort myers there will be other days for politics. this is a day for prayer and reflection. >> while we will never know fully what cause somebody to take the life of another, we do know what makes life worth living. the people we lost in aurora, loved and they were loved. >> in new hampshire, the romney for president signs were taken down and the former governor told a somber crowd he, too was putting politics on hold while the nation grieves. >> i stan
of the seven-day forecast coming up. >> thank you very much. >>> now to the shooting in colorado. this morning it is a nation in mourning. prayers being said for the vimgsz of one of our nation's worse mass shootings. we're learning more about the young man carrying out that massacre in a colorado theater after midnight friday. this is a picture of the movie theater in aurora. police say suspect james holmes had been planning it by month. he had been receiving deliveries by mail and rigged his apartment with bombs. 12 people died in the shooting, nearly 60 others are injured. officials say they believe holmes acted alone although they're interviewing people who may have been associated with him. vechts are still stumped over the motive. president barack obama will visit victims of the shootings in aurora today. we are gathering details the innocent victims who were killed. jay gray has their stories. >> reporter: president obama will travel to colorado later today to visit with the families of the victims of the massacre and this evening a citywide memorial service as stack of flowers and cand
of the tragedy in colorado tonight. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. we begin where it all started, in aurora, colorado. it is a suburb of denver about the size of oakland. >> that's where ama dates is live. ama? >> dan and carolyn, i want to set the scene for you. i am in a parking lot near the entrance to the mall area. you can see the movie theater all lit up. lots of cars. in fact, if it weren't for the crime scene tape you would think there is another midmight movie showing. sadly, that's not the case. when we arrived, all the entrance tots mall were blocked off, an you will too eerie reminder of what happened here. they scattered out on their own, or they were carried away, blood streaming from bullet wounds. others were left for dead. inside a horror scene of carnage that started during a midnight screening during the new batman movie. police believe 24-year-old james holmes calmly watched the movie along with everybody else, and then he got up and used his cell phone and went out to get his weapons and gear up with a bulletproof vest, a ballistic helmet, gas
. still no answer as to what would possess someone to take the lives of 12 people in aurora, colorado, but we are learning more about the suspect. police say james holmes had taken months to prepare his killing spree. >> we've become aware that our suspect over the last four months had a high volume of delive deliveries, commercial deliveries of packages to both his work and home address. >> reporter: those deliveries is how police believe he got so much ammunition and allegedly set his apartment with so many booby traps. >> it brings another element to what was experienced at the theater. >> reporter: local, state, and federal agencies attempting to not only enter but to save as much evidence as possible not to be blown to pieces. >> we're cautious about how we deal with things and take things out and make sure they're handled in the best manner for our investigation. >> reporter: aurora police kept surrounding apartment buildings empty and closed off nearby streets just before they detonated what the they believe was an incendiary device and it happened like this. luckily no fire. n
but tax credits. the focus on making sure that we're building a culture of innovation. colorado is the last three years when there were no jobs anywhere, more 25-34 year-old came to call rudder than any other state in the country. -- colorado more than any other state in the country. we want to make sure they are employed in innovative companies that have an opportunity for full education and research. there has to be a culture fun -- from the federal grant all the way down in research. they should hammer out what the appropriate compromise is to repatriate all those overseas profit corporations are not putting back into our or economy. the largest beneficiary would be california. we want to see what the cutting edge is. most of a still look for california. -- loomost of us still look to california. what governor brown said about the traditional politics is all about taking the thing in making it fresh. to a certain extent, i tried to be a writer in college. i failed miserably. a professor said everything has been set but not everything has been said superbly. even if it had, ev
to the incident, that is aurora medical center in the university of colorado hospital. we'll see if there are needs for surgions. >> gretchen: it is hard it for us to know the chaos. we showed cell phone video that really demonstrated that chaos. have you brought in people to try to ease some of the nerves, too? i imagine there might be medical issues as well. >> we have brought in our team to be on stand by for the family members. and we are not currently expecting more patients. most patients were sent to the aurora medical center or university of colorado. we are always on standby to be able to handle family and any calls that came n. we had calls from parents looking for their children who might have been in the movie theater tonight. >> steve: can you give us an example of the extent of the injuries. people are just waking up. terrible shooting in the movie thethary and 14 people killed and at least 50 people injured . we hear some were shot at point blank including the baby. the nature of the injuries at swedish has been what? >> we cannot speak on behalf of the other hospi
. >> colorado and the rest of the nation are remembering the victims of the midnight movie massacre. ♪ >> family members, friends and other loved ones had a heartbreaking vigil inyesterday. >> dave briggs is live in aurora with the information for us. >> when you read the cover of the denver post the local paper says it all. this is a bit strange my home town aurora, colorado. wint to high school 8 miles from this theater at smoky hills high school. i can tell everyone is indeed hurting. that is the mood. people are starting to tufrn the page starting to rally together come together and try to move on. not be angry not be vengeful but to show the best of humans in the wake of this tragedy. they had the vigil last night hundreds of people gathering together to honor the victims not just the 12 killed in if the shooting at the midnight show the other night but also the 58 injured. after every name the name was called the crowd cheered. they are saying we are not going to be defeated by one crazy gunman. we are not going to change who we are. we are going to come together. we are going to be togeth
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